Love Is Bad… Think Twice Before You Say It

I have heard and read many things about Love which gives an impression that love is really bad. Some of them not just only give the impression but also emphasise on this fact…


For example, I have read many memes on the internet like love kills, love hurts, love is a slow poison and many more. But I personally believe Love can never be bad… The people indulging in love can be bad but Love…. LOVE is always a good and positive feeling.

Love Is Bad

After going through all the bad things that I have come across about LOVE, there are following main reasons behind calling love bad:

  1. When any lover (male/female) proposes his/her love and the other person rejects the proposal.
  2. When one partner cheats the other in the relation.
  3. When parents of any or both the partners disapprove their relationship.
  4. When the relationship is long distance and it’s not possible to be around your partner when he/she needs you the most.
  5. When any of the partners is not taking his/her responsibility which is expected from him/her.

Let me take all these reasons one by one, and I will explain why Love is not bad in any of the reasons or situations.

When any lover (male/female) proposes his/her love and other one rejects the proposal:

This is the most popular reason for blaming the love. Many of the lovers have to face rejection every day with the person, whom they love, rejects them. This is the most popular and worst reason for calling love bad. If the person whom you love has rejected you, then Love has nothing to do with.
Every person has his/her own choices, likes, and dislikes. You can’t expect anyone to love or like the same thing as you do. Just like it was your choice to love that person, similarly that person also his/her choice to love you or anyone else in this world. So, if you have faced rejection then you shouldn’t put the blame on love. Instead, if it’s possible then you should try to convey your feelings calmly but if it’s not, then you should wait for the person who will love you.
Love can never be blamed for this.

When one partner cheats the other in the relation:

It is the one of the main reasons due to which most of the people falling in love blame Love as being bad. If you think on this situation rationally, then you can easily figure out that no matter what anyone has to say but Love can’t be bad in this situation. In this case, only the partner who has cheated on the other one is to be blamed. Love was and is pure from one side, but it’s the other partner who made love look bad by cheating.
If this is the case which happened with you, then you shouldn’t blame Love for being bad. Instead, you should take it as a lesson and wait for someone who is good enough to deserve your love and who can love you back.
Yes, its true that it may be possible that other partner may also cheat you or it might take some time to find such  a person but there is one thing for sure that whole waiting period will be worth that person.
So, stop blaming LOVE for being bad and try to search that person who will love you.

When parents of any or both the partners disapprove their relationship:

The second reason for calling Love bad is the disapproval of the relationship from any of the one partner’s parents or from the both partners’ parents. The reason for the disapproval of the relationship can be different and it may vary from couple to couple and situation to situation. I am not going to focus on the reason of disapproval right now as this post is not about it.
My focus is on those people who because of this situation in their relationship, refers to Love as bad. In my opinion, they should focus on the reason of disapproval and try to find an answer for that reason instead of calling Love bad. If they will sit calmly, think with cool mind, act maturely and wisely, focus on the reason of disapproval then they might get success in turning the disapproval to approval.
However, I am not saying that this will work 100% but it will be way better than blaming Love.

When the relationship is long distance and it’s not possible to be around your partner when he/she needs you the most:

The Long Distance Relationship are one of the most difficult relationships to have in this world. You are not sure when you both will get to see each other in reality, you can’t interact with each other like the other couples do, and even you have to celebrate your Valentine’s Day on Skype or over phone call.
One of the things about which long distance relationship couples complain is the lack of physical presence. They miss each other badly on all special occasions especially when any one of the partner is going through the bad phase in life. Not only the partner who is going through but the other partner also feels terribly bad as he/she is not able to be around the his/her partner in his hour of need. This is the reason why most of such couple complains about love.
For those couples, I would like to say that you have no right to complain about LOVE in this situation. You lost all the rights to complain of pain and loneliness just when you decided to get committed in a long distance relationship. Even the name of this relationship says that it’s Long Distance. So, you should have analyzed all the things before going for the commitment. If you have decided for the commitment, then there is no point in  complaining that Love is bad.
If you are complaining, then you should either hope for meeting your partner as soon as possible or just part yourself away from the relation.

When any of the partners is not taking his/her responsibility which is expected from him/her:

This is the situation which arises in many relationships be it the long distance or not. In this situation, any of the partner doesn’t take his/her responsibility which is expected from him/her. He/she tries to avoid the responsibilities which can prove to be the reason for unwanted fights in the relation which in turn has a bad impact on the relationship in the long run.
So if this is the situation for you then instead of blaming love, you should talk to your partner and confront him/her over this. You should bring the topic wisely and with calm mood. You shouldn’t rush into the things and try to make your partner feel like a loser. You should talk to him/her and explain to her why this behavior of his/her is having a negative impact of relationship.
If even after the numerous attempts, he/she is not accepting his/her responsibilities then in my opinion, its time to move on but again, you can’t blame love.

My Final Opinion:

These were all the most commonly found reason around the world for calling LOvE bad. There may be more reasons, but these were the ones which I have found more commonly. No matter whatever the reason but there can never be any valid reason for calling Love bad.
I believe the Love is always good, it’s the positive feeling which gives us the power to do anything in this world. If you are calling LOVE bad for any reason, then you should sit calmly and think upon the reason with the relaxed mind and rationally without emotions. You will automatically find the real answer behind your sorrow and you will also say, just like me:

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